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Frequently Asked Questions

Is PEITO safe?
PEITO is a 100% natural food supplement, consists of strictly selected grains and plants, cultivated in accordance with the requirements of the European food industry. PEITO does not contains any preservatives, chemical estrogens, animal substances or other hormones. PEITO tablets are on a natural base and totally safe.

How does PEITO work?
PEITO contains a lot of natural building substances, which naturally stimulate the growth of the glandular breast tissue, making the bustline fuller and firmer naturally.

What kind of results can I expect?
Noticeable results and increases in cup size usually begin happening in just nine weeks. These results may vary according to individuals. In most cases, individuals will observe a definite tightening and firming of their breast in less than 12 weeks. Test results also indicated 90% of all women showed a bust increase of approximately 0.5cm to 2.0 cm in 6 months. In order to obtain the desired result, it is highly advised to take PEITO tablets consistentsly for at least 6 to 8 months.

Are the results permanent?
The additional breast tissues that grow in the mammary glands will be permanent. If however, the firmness of your breasts decreases by illness, pregnancy or ageing, you can always do the PEITO Breast Enhancement Programme again.

Does PEITO have any side effects?
To our knowledge, there have been no negative side-effects. Women have stated that their nails become stronger and their hair shinier. Tests also indicated that cholesterol levels decreased in some test subjects.

Will PEITO cause weight gain on other parts of my body?
No, PEITO specifically stimulates the glandular tissue in women's breasts and will not make you gain weight on other parts of the body.

Who shouldn't take PEITO?
Women who are pregnant should not take PEITO as the breast glandular tissue is already stimulated then. PEITO is intended for women after puberty, we do not recommend PEITO to girls before or during puberty. And, if you are allergic to one of the ingredients or have a low tolerance of glutens, we recommend that you do not take PEITO.

Does PEITO affect my menstrual cycle?
In some cases PEITO might affect your menstruation during the first two months. Most of the time, this is caused by an irregular menstruation. But, this has no effect on your health.

Can I take PEITO in combination with other medicines?
So far, we have not yet received any mention of a reduced action of PEITO in combination with medicines. However, when using antibiotics, the bowel function might be disrupted, by which PEITO will be absorbed less by the body.

Can I go on a diet while taking PEITO?
We recommended starting the PEITO when you are on a diet. By losing fat, your breasts will lose their firmness, which can be prevented by taking PEITO.

How Many Tablets Are There In A Box?
There are 150 tablets in a box for one month supply.

Why Should Taking The PEITO Tablets Be Accompanied By Taking So Much Water?
It has been learned that the best effect is obtained by taking the tablets with a relatively large amount of water throughout the day at least 1 liter. The absorption of a large amount of water has been shown to encourage the activity of the active ingredients through rehydration.

Is PEITO Suitable For Menopausal Women?
Yes. After menopause, the breakdown of glandular tissue occurs more rapidly compare with the same amount of tablets consumed by a non-menopausal lady may produce a slower effect.

Can Those With Breast Implants Still Use PEITO?
No, women with breast implant should not take PEITO. PEITO causes the growth of glandular tissue which can damage the existing glandular tissue due to lack of space.

Is It Normal To Have A Bloated Stomach After Taking PEITO?
Yes, it occurs at the beginning of PEITO consumption as the fibers absorb a lot of fluids and stimulate the peristaltic movement, by which after a few days you obtain most of the time a perfect bowel movement.


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