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How Does PEITO Work?

PEITO is manufactured using only the best selected grains and plants which are grown in accordance to the requirements of the European food industry.

PEITO does not contain chemical estrogens or other hormones. It utilizes the phytoestrogens (‘phyto’ means ‘derived from plants’) that mimics the effects of estrogen in the body during puberty and pregnancy. Estrogen causes the breast tissue to grow and increase in volume, making the bustline fuller and firmer naturally. Recent studies have also discovered that phytoestrogens found in hops can complement hormones shortage in the body.

PEITO fibre tablets consist of various elements of grains and hops, namely buckwheat, fennel, rye, barley and malt.

PEITO does not contain any preservatives or animal substances; therefore, it is safe for vegetarian consumption.

The entire manufacturing process of PEITO tablets are strictly supervised in the effort to ensure that the quality of the product remains at its best.

No side effects have been observed following the consumption of PEITO tablets. However, for safety precautions, please acquire the advice of your doctor before consuming.

Benefits Of Phytoestrogens In PEITO

In human beings, phytoestrogens are readily absorbed, circulate in plasma and are excreted in the urine.

Apart from beautifying the natural form, phytoestrogens have also been observed to possess numerous other benefits including:
  Protection against osteoporosis
  Prevention against Alzheimer’s Disease and Breast Cancer
  Lowering of cholesterol level
  Reduction in the incidence of hot flashes in menopausal
  Making hair shinier and nails stronger


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